July 19, 2018

It's Time to Adopt the Advent of New Marketing Strategies

There's hardly anyone involved in advertising on the Internet that doesn't understand that it is an ever-evolving atmosphere. Yet, many advertisers fall into the trap of continuing comfortable patterns in their methods and fail to embrace new and necessary approaches.

The epoch of banner and display advertising is nearly over. As with anything in life, there comes a time when the usual approach to things no longer bears fruit. Banner and display advertising, and to a large degree email, no longer pay the dividends they once did. Luckily, however, there are several new approaches that are proving to be much more successful.

In this article, we'll discuss some newer strategies marketers are utilizing to make gains in place of older, failing methods.

1. Disruptive marketing

Before you single out the word "disruptive" and make a negative connotation with it, "disruptive," from the marketing standpoint, simply means to disrupt the usual patterns. Savvy Internet users know these usual patterns and they ignore those advertising messages.

Many call it a type of "banner blindness" where ignoring advertising banners has become so ingrained that it's now on an unconscious level. Users literally do not see this type of advertising, it's blocked from their consciousness. This is learned behavior that web surfers have developed as "defense mechanism" against a proliferation of banner and display advertising. However, advertisers now have a new tactic to overcome this – disruptive marketing.

2. Enter web push notifications

Web push notifications are a powerful tool that leads the way in the application of disruptive marketing.

The beauty of web push notifications is that the disruption is just minor enough to capture a viewer's attention, without annoying them at the same time. Further, they come to the forefront of a user's view, momentarily "disrupting" what they may have been viewing. This makes them highly deliverable, viewable – and because they are inherently brief – quickly and easily absorbed.

Web push notifications: Core strengths

The core strengths of web push notifications are:

  • Real-time delivery
  • Can contain a thumbnail image
  • Can contain a clickable link
  • Inherently brief making them more easily readable
  • A user receives a message no matter what website they are visiting
  • Messages rise to the top of the browser window, taking precedence


Push messages provide the user with an added value

One of the key elements about web push notifications is that they provide a simple way of being helpful to your audience and providing value. Users subscribe to receive them - they want the content. Younger viewers especially are more receptive to web push notifications. Skillfully done, web push notifications can deliver the information your users want to receive and appreciate.

right-ideas-and-targeting3. Combining web push notifications with contextual targeting

We take the application of web push notifications to the next level by combining them with contextual targeting.

First, let's define contextual advertising: Contextual advertising means to show a message in the proper context. That is, not randomly showing your message, but showing your message in and around content that your product or services are related to.

However, we take it further with contextual targeting. This method involves showing your message to a prequalified visitor in the proper context at the right time. The keyword here is "Prequalified" visitor.

We're not showing your message to just anyone, but rather, to someone who is most likely to engage with your message. This viewer has been prequalified through any of a variety of targeting methods, such as demographics, interests, geolocation, and behaviors. All of this is in addition to context.

4. Showing your message in the best environment

Combining successful disruptive marketing techniques with contextual marketing is all about showing your message in the best environment.

What's the best environment?

It starts with matching your message to highly-related content, ensuring that the message fits within the scope of interest of the viewer. In other words, when a message about your product or service is displayed, it is related to the topic the viewer is reading about at the time. The advertising doesn't have the jarring effect of being "out of place" because it bears no relation to the topic. And that makes a huge difference.

Sending your message to content-hungry viewers

Another new marketing approach that is paying big dividends is building audiences made up of content-hungry viewers. This is where niche websites developed around popular topics, which are host to a large and loyal audience, gather like-minded individuals in one place. These sites deliver fresh and original content viewers crave. Because of their appetite for the content and loyalty to the site, these audiences are highly engaged and receptive to advertising – especially because the advertising fits in context with the topics.

The payoff for advertisers is that they reach a unique, engaged and dedicated audience that they can't obtain anywhere else.

By showing your message to these highly-engaged viewers, who are carefully matched, it helps ensure that your advertisement is placed before those who are most likely to respond to the content of your message.

Key Takeaways:

  • Older advertising methods such as banner and display advertising, and to a significant degree email, are proving no longer effective, as savvy Internet users build up a resistance and blind spot toward them.
  • Smart marketers are wise to alter their advertising methodologies to adapt to the changing behaviors of Internet viewers by employing newer techniques.
  • Disruptive marketing is a new form of advertising that gives advertisers a way of breaking these "learned" patterns of ignoring previous forms of advertising.
  • Web push notifications are the leading tool for utilizing disruptive marketing.
  • Web push notifications allow you to deliver highly-viewable messages in real-time, that not are advantageous for your company, but can deliver value to your customers and build brand loyalty.
  • Combining web push notifications with contextual targeting means that your message is delivered to a prequalified viewer, in the right context, at the right moment in time.
  • Advertising to niche websites built around individuals with similar interests means that your message is viewed by engaged, prequalified viewers who are receptive to advertising and more likely to respond to your offer.


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