September 19, 2018

Web Push Notifications Drive Higher User Engagement

Web push notifications have proven to be more effective at driving a higher level of user engagement than other forms of online advertising, this is especially true among younger consumers (18-34). If web browser push notifications aren't part of your online marketing strategy yet – they need to be!

Web push notifications 2X effective as email

If you need some proof, consider the results of these studies…

"50% of users opt into push and find push messages useful"
– Localytics Data Team

After evaluating the performance data of more than 10 million push notifications, mobile automation company, Kahuna, concluded…

"Push notifications achieve up to a 40% click-through rate"
– Kahuna



Decreasing open rates for email

Now compare that to email. According to MailChimp, one of the world's leading email service providers for business, who literally send billions of emails per month, say compiled statistics looking at open rates across industries.

E-commerce had a dismal open rate of only 16.75%. Retail wasn't much better at only 22%.

As you can see from the above statistics, you can double your ability to get messages to your subscribers using web push notifications.

Younger people favor personalized web push notifications

In the important demographic of younger consumers, web push notifications are favored over other types of advertising.

"Behavior-based push results in open rates 800 percent higher than immediate blasts."
– Leanplum

Personalized web push notifications have shown an amazing increase in open rates, and are far beyond what can be achieved with email marketing. When you send relevant and well-timed messages to your subscribers, they are much more likely to read your message and engage. Rather than sending an "broad blast" to a number of users, instead, you can set your web push notifications to be triggered by subscriber behavior.

You can pre-design the content of your message to be related to a specific user-event. Events such as visiting a particular webpage, downloading a free item, post-purchase, abandoned shopping carts and more can be targeted. You can also target specific product interests or user preferences with related personalized messages.

Best of all, you can target your subscribers with these personalized messages whether they are on your website or not. Your message is delivered in real-time, as soon as they take whatever action you have specified to trigger the sending of a web push notification.


What your users want from web push notifications

People want web push notifications they feel are helpful, and the only way to best achieve this is through personalization.

According to a survey by Localytics, here are the things people want most from web push notifications:

  1. 48% want web push notifications providing a special offer based on their preferences
  2. 35% want push notifications that provide breaking news alerts (or updates)
  3. 34% want offers based on their current location
  4. 34% want content they are interested in

Marrying your advertising to highly-desired content

People generally surf the web to view content they are interested in, and #4 above is where Amply Media comes in by providing a unique advertising network that can produce remarkable results for your company or brand. We introduce your advertising to highly-engaged, prequalified visitors, matching your ads with related content users crave.

One of the things Amply Media does best is providing content that users crave. We are at the forefront of content people are sharing and talking about at work in the morning or at home in the evening. From news, weather, entertainment, sports, to shopping deals – Amply Media's websites are cranking out articles people care about, covering the latest and hottest topics. Amply Media's content is available 24/7 on any device, at any time.


Serving hot content to a hungry audience

Amply Media operates a content network of over 80 websites, cranking an excess of over 1,000 pieces of content per month to 48 million unique monthly visitors, providing a unique audience reach you can't get anywhere else.

A truly unique audience

The audience that Amply Media serves isn't just any audience. It's made up of a hyper-engaged group of content-craving users. Most importantly… When it comes to advertising your company, products or brand – Amply Media matches you with a pre-qualified audience that is more likely to engage.

When we say engaged, we mean it. Amply media's network sees 180,000 user actions per minute and over 150 million monthly views.

Key takeaways:

  • Web push notifications are twice as effective as email.
  • According to a study, 50% of users opt into push and find push notifications useful.
  • Open rates are decreasing for email, and according to MailChimp, open rates for e-commerce are only 16.75% and 22% for retail.
  • 71% of younger consumers (18-34) have downloaded from their favorite brands with push notifications.
  • Personalized web push notifications are much more effective for achieving higher open rates.
  • A study showed that behavior-based push notifications resulted in open rates of 800 percent versus broad, immediate blasts to a number of users.
  • Web push notifications can be personalized and targeted to users based on specific actions you determined to trigger the sending of a message.
  • The top 4 things users want from push notifications are: Providing a special offer based on their preferences; provide breaking news alerts (or updates); provide offers based on their current location; provide content they are interested in.
  • Amply Media creates content users desire and can use web push notifications to advertise your brand by sending messages to content-craving, hyper-engaged, highly-targeted, audience of prequalified viewers most likely to engage with your brand, company, service or products.
  • Amply Media operates an enormous content network comprised of over 80 websites, delivering in excess of 1,000 pieces of content per month to 48 million unique monthly visitors – providing an engaged and responsive audience you can't reach anywhere else.

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